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An Update: October 2023: Whole Foods quit carrying our products after ten years, with only a few weeks notice (and without even the decency to give us ample warning). We will remain in production for at least another year and hope to find other, more socially responsible retailers to carry the products. Thank you to the many supporters who have sent inquiries- and I hope you will order online below! The prices are better than Whole Foods was as well- All of the price increase on the shelves you saw over the last 3 years from $3.99 up to $4.69 were purely for their profits, I never changed my wholesale prices to them despite an increase in my cost of ingredients and packaging.

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Now serving: GoldenTouch Popcorn!

Golden Touch Popcorn continues the tradition of super tasty superfood popcorn that Greenthumb Popcorn is known for. It is a slightly sweetened popcorn with monkfruit, maple syrup, nutritional yeast, rosehips orange peel, cinnamon and turmeric. These flavors combine to warm and relax you, like the golden hour at the end of a beautiful day. 

Now available online, at Urban Oasis Project Farmers Markets, and select independent stores.

Organic, vegan, gluten free, kosher, non-GMO popcorn

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Eat with your heart

We make this delicious and super nutritious popcorn because we believe in our ingredients and eating minimally processed foods.  Each element brings great taste and satiates your cravings for some real good food on the go. 

 5% of profits goes to community organizations building gardens for free with low-income families.  We're making the world a greener place, one thumb at a time!

Greenthumb Popcorn Ingredients: Popcorn*, sunflower oil*, spirulina*, nutritional yeast*, salt, cayenne*, garlic*,  beet*, kelp*,  carrot*, turmeric*. 

GoldenTouch Popcorn Ingredients: Popcorn*, sunflower oil*, nutritional yeast*, salt, powdered maple syrup*, monkfruit extract*, turmeric*, lemon peel*, orange peel*, rosehips*, carrot*, cinnamon*. signifies certified organic ingredients.


Are you looking for an addictive snack that your whole body will crave, but without the cheap trick of sugar? Our savory, crunchy popcorn is astonishingly nutritious and healthy. Greenthumb Popcorn's spirulina and nutritional yeast balance with garlic, cayenne and a veggie mix to keep you coming back for more while delivering B vitamins and lots of protein!  Kids love it even more than our adult friends!

We are certified organic because we believe everyone has a right to know what’s in their food and whether it is from GMO crops (Organic regulations do not allow any GMO’s).  We love organic farmers and their care for the environment and their refusal to rely on chemicals.


My passion is to foster multicultural community around healthy food that respects the environment and supports a thriving economy of small businesses.

I’ve been connecting people with good food for decades- from baking cookies as a little kid with my mom to my first Food not Bombs meals cooked up from the farmers markets extras in St. Louis, Missouri to protest the Iraq war.  For over a decade I’ve been running farms and farmers markets in my Miami, FL as the head of Urban Oasis Project.  This recipe was created by a woman named Shawnee, and we love to play volleyball every week together, when she’s not out sailing!

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