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*Box O’ Popcorn Loving (Now with 8 Bags)*

*Organic ~Vegan ~Gluten Free ~No GMOs ~Kosher*

* 8 Individual 2oz Bags*

*High Protein Spirulina Superfood*

*Vitamin B12 ~ Nutritional Yeast*

*Benefits Circulation ~ Cayenne Pepper*

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Gluten Free


Locally Produced in Miami, Find Us at Any Whole Foods in Florida Or Order Now for a Discount!

Since the 1960's I've been committed to using the best ingredients for my Greenthumb Popcorn to feed my friends and family. The nutritional yeast provides great flavor as well as much needed B-12. Organic Spirulina curbs your hunger with complete proteins, and boosts your energy with minerals and micronutrients. A little kick of cayenne is good for fighting colds and flus, relieves joint pain and supports weight loss. So you can feel great about snacking and growing your own Greenthumb! - Shawnee
*Organic ~ Vegan ~ Kosher* 

*High Protein Spirulina Superfood*  

*Vitamin B12 ~ Nutritional Yeast*  

*Benefits Circulation ~ Cayenne*


Join Shawnee in her treehouse as she makes a batch of Greenthumb Popcorn!
"Thankful for the full bag of natural nutrition, I loved the popcorn. It was delicious!" - Margaret R.  

“Your popcorn has been a discovery. A healthy snack me and my kids love!” - Rebecca P.  

"I am so addicted to your popcorn!! Seriously! Is there any way I could order bigger bags or maybe a box of it??" - Ela S.  

“Better than Theater Popcorn, and Guilt-Free!” - Mike D.
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